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Magnifique! Icons
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Magnifique! Icons

magnifiqueicons is a community created by junerbug with moderated posting access. It's built on the same premis as takenote_icons and others of that sort. The idea that we want only icons which are "Magnifique!" This community is a non-fandom specific icon community that you must APPLY to post in! It's also a community in which we hope less known icon-makers can get their work out among better ones, so that they can become better known!


Can I post here?
You must APPLY first, this including
- 5 or more icons of your own best work
- The Name you'd like to post with
and one (or two) of the mods will approve or disapprove your application. You are welcome to APPLY as many times as you want if you are not accepted the first time! This is just quality-control going on here!

Word of the Wise: Don't try to join the community without APPLYing. It ticks us off badly and makes us want to refuse you immediately, because it means you went to the info page and never even read it. That's just silly.

halfajournalist speaking now: So, really. If you apply here you will be rejected immediately. Do not ask for posting access. Until you show us your work, you can't post. That simple. *steps off soap box*

Do I have to use an LJ-Cut?
Yes. No ifs, ands, or buts... if there are more than 3 icons there must be a lj-cut. For info on how to do one, use the FAQ section of Livejournal. It's there to be used.

What about banners, wallpapers, other graphics?
We'd really prefer not unless accompanied by other icons... then it's not minded!

Can I post sick/dirty/harsh language icons?
No nudity in any post or linking to any posts. As for coarse language: if you absolutely can't avoid it, it must be behind an lj cut. A warning must be put above the LJ cut also, so that people who don't want to see it, won't.

Can I post my requests?
No. There are plenty of lovely communities specifically for that. Interest search them.

Are you harsh on people?
No, we shant be harsh. We are simply looking for icons that are of good quality = no crappy brush-work or text etc. Stuff that shows thought and creativity... hopefully unique-ness too.

Where do I apply?
Right here. Good luck!

I applied, you accepted... Why can't can't I post?
Click on the following link to accept your invite after you've been accepted.

I wasn't accepted. Do you hate me?
No. We don't. You must go and learn from the masters of iconing and hone your skills, then shall you be accepted after you re-APPLY, my very young padawan.

Really. APPLY again. halfajournalist will be looking out specifically for you. XD

How long I need to wait before applying again?
Re-APPLY whenever you feel you've reached a new level! It's up to you... XD

May I friend this community even if my icons weren't accepted?
Of course! Just friend it for the beautiful icons!

Yes. No exception. These icon makers work their butts off to get you their icons. You will credit the icon maker in the keywords... if you're confused at all, ask them about their personal crediting rules. I promise you, they will be happy to explain!

I have a new journal, but I still want to post?
Comment on the application post, and we will re-add you.


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